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What LifeWorks Rehab graduates say about the care they received
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Stroke Recovery

"After my stroke, I needed the BEST care I could find to get back on my feet. I knew I had a choice and I chose a LifeWorks Rehabilitation Center. It was the best choice I could have ever made. Thanks to LifeWorks Rehab, I was able to get back home and back out on the water after a debilitating stroke." —Mike Riggs

Knee Replacement Recovery

"I couldn’t believe how quickly my recovery went after my double knee replacement. I was back home in just ten days. Even my doctor was amazed!" —Lynda Szczyradlowski

Back Surgery Recovery

"Having been through physical therapy at home before, I knew that it wasn’t a good option for me after my back surgery. I needed much more assistance, and needed a higher level of care than I could get at home on my own." —Steve Miller

Cardiac Recovery

"To come back from four surgeries and be where I am today … that’s something that no one can ever take from me. I couldn’t have made the same recovery without LifeWorks Rehab. I’m a very happy person." —James Bethel

Hip Replacement Recovery

"My experience with LifeWorks Rehab was phenomenal. I liked LifeWorks Rehab so much that I chose them again when I needed my second hip replaced." —William Jointer